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Spicy Cucumber Margarita!!

This is my all time favorite cocktail! I love a good spicy cucumber margarita on a hot sunny day! This drink is so will definitely be having seconds. Happy Friday and Cheers!! xo

Prep time: 8 minutes Serves: 1


-3 oz Cucumber Jalapeño Tequila (If you only have regular tequila add a few extra jalapeños. You can also add the jalapeños to the tequila the day before if you like a lot of spice!)

-1 large seedless cucumber

-2 limes

-1 jalapeño

-salt for your rim

-extra cucumber and jalapeño for garnish

Next Step:

-Using a peeler, take off a large peel of the cucumber and set aside to garnish your glass.

-Peel the rest of the cucumber and add it to your blender.

-Blend until smooth.

-Using a mesh strainer, pour the cucumber liquid into the strainer over a large bowl.

-Only use the cucumber juice that goes into the bowl and discard the remaining cucumber in the strainer.

-To a shaker, add 3 ounces of cucumber jalapeño tequila.

-Add 3 ounces of the cucumber juice.

-Add 1 1/2- 2 ounces of fresh squeezed lime juice.

-Add a slice of jalapeño.

-Add in ice.

-Shake for 1 minute.

-Salt your glass. I like to use a lime to wet the rim and then dunk my glass in the salt. I generally only salt 1/2 of the rim.

-Add a large ice cube and the large cucumber peel you set aside earlier to your glass.

-Pour the spicy cucumber margarita in your glass.

-Garnish with cucumbers and a jalapeño.


*For more recipes, please visit my Instagram page @a.sprinkle.of.sweet

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