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Pineapple Coconut Mojito!

My drink of the weekend will be this amazing Pineapple Coconut Mojito!! It reminds me of my time in Aruba with my sister and relaxing on the beach. This cocktail is so flavorful, refreshing, and delicious! Cheers to an amazing weekend! xo


-3 oz coconut vodka

-1/2 lime squeezed

-4 oz pineapple juice

-2 oz seltzer or club soda

-a bunch of fresh mint

-1/4 cup Shredded coconut

-2 Tablespoons of Demerara Sugar


Next Step:

-Add the shredded coconut and the sugar to a bowl and mix.

-On the rim of your glass add a little honey.

-Dip your glass into the shredded coconut/sugar mixture. Set aside.

-Next, add the coconut vodka, fresh lime juice, ice, pineapple juice, and a handful of mint to your shaker.

-Shake for 1 minute.

-Fill your glass with ice and pour in your mojito!

-Top off with seltzer.

-Garnish with fresh mint and pineapple.

-Serve and ENJOY!!!

*For more recipes, please visit my Instagram page @a.sprinkle.of.sweet

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